Luqmaan Samie

Chief Executive Officer


2002 - 2011


A family own business which do books for prominent businesses in and around Cape Town, South Africa. Most of Luqmaan Samie’s experince comes from his father Mr Shamiel Samie who has acquired property over the years which Mr Luqmaan Samie had to Manage.

2011 - 2015

Info Prop

Mr Luqmaan Samie was approached by Info prop to manage one of their franchises in the City Bowl areas. Duties were to acquire, manage, multi-family rental and commercial properties and sell off none producing real estate.

2015 - Present

A-List Group Holdings PTY LTD

The year 2015 approached and Luqmaan Samie’s passion for cutting-edge real estate strategies led to the creation of A-List Group Holdings. Mr Luqmaan Samie currently holds position as Director and Chief Executive Officer and  is responsible for crafting company-wide strategy and accelerating business growth through partnering with private investors who seek to grow through A-list Group Holdings property development investments.



Secondary schooling.


Cape College Studied Engineering.


Real Estate Management Licence.


Business Management 95%
Relationship Building 90%
Real Estate Investing 92%
Business Growth 91%
Property Design 87%


  • (+27) 64 756 8170
  • (+1) 917-508-5016
  • (+27) 72 782 5349

Mr Luqmaan Samie is a full-time real estate strategist in Commercial and Residential real estate development. Mr Luqmaan Samie is focused on erecting a global footprint of real estate developments in areas as USA, Europe, The Middle East and Developing Africa. His guidance, honesty, dedication & knowledge of real estate analytics has contributed massively in the success of clients in the past, and surely more fruitful years are yet come.

Mr Luqmaan Samie enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters.

Our Commitment to You

A-List Group Holdings was founded to make real estate investment easier and less expensive.

Our REITs are required to have audited financials and to pay out at least 90% of their income in the form of Shareholder dividends.

A-List Group Holdings regard themselves as trusted stewards of investors’ hard-earned money, a humbling responsibility that they take very seriously.

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